Some Steps You Should Take When Getting Workers Comp

There are many people who file workers compensation lawsuits and get a good settlement out of it. This money can help pay for their injuries and expenses while recovering from the process. Here are some steps you should take when filling a workers comp complaint.

1. Go Directly To Your Supervisor or HR Rep

The moment you are injured you need to report it to the right people. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they don't report the injury to the appropriate channels. You cannot simply tell the guy next to you that you got hurt; this won't help you case if you need to file a claim. Instead, you need to take it to your direct supervisor and then will tell you where to go from there.

In some cases your supervisor may brush it off, in that case go directly to HR or higher up that line. The person that you talk to should have specific instructions of what you should do next. They should information about providers, tests you should take and so forth. Remember, if you don't report it to the right people, it could affect your ability to get any workers comp from the injury.

2. Go To The Right Providers

Second, after you have talked to the right people it is important that you go to the right doctors. Your employer has relationships and contracts with certain providers. This is because they are only insured through certain channels. Thus, if you go to a doctor who is out of network for your employer it will mean that you possibly don't get those medical bills covered. This is why you should talk to your employer before you go to the doctor to insure that the providers you seeing are covered.

3. Don't Consumer Alcohol Or Do Drugs While At Work

If your employer can prove that you were intoxicated or on a controlled substance while at work it could severely impact your ability to get any workers comp. If you were high or intoxicated when the accident happened you automatically forfeit the ability to get workers comp. But even if you have been compromised in the past it could hurt your chances, which is why it is so important that you keep yourself substance free while at work.

As you can see thee are some important steps to make sure that you are getting workers comp covered for an injury at work. Visit to learn more!

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