Four Reasons You Should Not Post Bail For Someone

Getting a call from someone who has been arrested and thrown in jail is definitely a disheartening situation. They may ask for your help to post their bail so that they can await their court date in the comfort of their own home. While you, of course, want to say yes, you have to remember that this is putting yourself in a risky situation. Here are four reasons you should not put that risk on yourself:

  1. You Haven't Seen Them in Years: This could be a family member you haven't talked to in years, or a friend you had a falling out with. Whatever the case, if you haven't heard from them in years, then it's difficult to know whether or not the situation they are in is something that you should be sorry for. On top of this, if they are calling you when you haven't heard from them in years, it's probably because their closet friends and family don't care to help them, and for probably a good reason. You don't want to take legal responsibility of someone who might not show up to their court date and find themselves in more trouble soon enough. 
  2. ​You Just Met This Person: If you have recently started dating someone or have recently met someone you are becoming friends with, it's not soon enough to determine whether or not you should take such serious legal responsibility of them. In this situation, you also have to wonder why they are not contacting a close family member instead. It might just be because you haven't had the opportunity to know whether or not this person is a reliable person. 
  3. They Live Under the Influence: Many times, people under the influence of drugs and alcohol find themselves arrested and thrown in jail because they make poor decisions. If you know that they have this problem, it's a much better reality for them to face jail time for their poor choices. You are a better friend for doing this then you are for posting bail just to allow them to get back to their substance problem. If you are close to this person, you likely know that people under the influence tend to be unreliable anyway. 
  4. You Just Know They Won't Go to Court: Overall, if you just know that they are not going to show up to their court date if you post their bail, then just don't take the chance. Then your financial situation for posting their bail is going to be compromised. 

When you know these four reasons to avoid posting bail for someone, you can save yourself from a huge headache. While it's difficult to say no, just remember that you are protecting yourself and your family by doing this. For more information, visit websites like

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