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Local residents who find a physician or medical practice they feel comfortable with often stay for several years. A physician who has a good reputation with their patients often receives numerous referrals throughout their stay with the practice. Errors in billing that happen often or go on unresolved can cause mistrust with patients who are happy with the level of care they received. Solving billing or coding issues with current staff members can be challenging. These employees may not be equipped with the proper training or have enough time to thoroughly address all billing problems effectively. Here are a few ways to benefit from medical patient billing services. 

The best way to minimize issues regarding billing and receiving the correct claim amount from insurance providers is to hire medical patient billing services. The patient billing services can ensure that the insurance that patients present is acceptable by the practice and that each provider has a current contract with each insurance company. Many busy practices do not renew contracts and it can result in extremely high patient bills that are not back dateable for non-participation. Medical patient billing services can provide up to date lists with what insurances they accept for specific services. This helps patients properly plan their copayments or any other out of pocket expenses for continued care. 

Billing codes need to be researched annually to ensure they are applied properly. Common provider errors regarding services can be avoided by using the correct coding and confirming annual services with patients on that visit. This prevents accidental charges for the office billing for two annual wellness visits when the members benefit only allows for one. Work with patient billing services for answering detailed questions regarding billing. 

The medical patient billing services can provide assistance over the phone, email, or written correspondence. This keeps a large amount of confusion out of the office when additional research is needed to explain a bill. The patient billing services representative can discuss the date of service, services rendered, and inform how much is due. When claims are denied, the service can direct the patients to view their explanation of benefits from their health plan. When the provider feels it's necessary to resubmit a claim to the insurance company, the patient billing services will process all of the paperwork and follow up. Take time to hire help collecting and explaining payments to increase money received from providing from medical services.

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