3 Non-Monetary Ways You Can Donate To College Athletes

College athletes are responsible for providing inspiration and entertainment to the public. Unfortunately, many athletes come from modest backgrounds and can struggle to make ends meet in college.

The NCAA prohibits individuals from donating money directly to a college athlete, but there are many other ways that you can help your favorite athletes throughout their college careers.

1. Donate School Supplies

First and foremost, college athletes are students. Each athlete is required to maintain a certain grade point average to remain eligible for play.

Tuition and housing expenses are often paid for via scholarship funds, but athletes are usually responsible for purchasing school supplies themselves. School supplies can be costly.

You can donate pens, pencils, notebooks, and even laptops or tablets to your college athletic program. These items will be distributed to athletes in need to help improve their learning experience.

2. Donate Gift Cards 

College athletes spend a significant amount of time practicing, reviewing game films, and training for success. The athletic department will often have meals brought in to feed athletes while they are engaged in these activities.

You can invest in gift cards to local restaurants and donate these cards to the college athletic department. This will free up funding for equipment and other things that the team needs while still ensuring that each player has access to nutritious meals.

3. Donate Your Time

It takes a lot of effort to keep a college athletic department running smoothly. You can donate your time to your favorite university to help ease the stress of the coaches and players within the athletic department.

Some ways to volunteer your time include working as an usher or ticket scanner during games, volunteering to organize a charity auction or fundraiser, and using your expertise to help generate media materials.

The donation of your time can free up the employees working within the athletic department to focus on more important matters. You will feel like you are contributing to your favorite team, and college athletes will benefit from the time and consideration you are willing to offer.

Money isn't the only thing that you can donate to college athletes. You can choose to donate school supplies, gift cards, and your time to help promote the success of the team.

Work closely with any college sports team charities that already exist in your area to find additional ways you can help your favorite college athletes in the future.

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