What You Should Know About Bail Bonds

Posting bail bonds is part of the process of releasing people from custody pending trial in many cases. Before you contact a bail bonds company, you might want to know what to expect. If you think you need to call a bail bondsman, you should know the following three things.


Functionally, bail bonds are loans. The bail bonds service provider turns a profit by assessing interest and fees on the loan just like any other business would do. You might use your own credit to secure the bond, or someone you know could do it.

Depending on the person's credit and the circumstances surrounding the state's case, the company might ask for collateral. People often put up collateral in the form of titles for homes or cars. The company may also accept jewelry or other valuables. No bail bonds company is required to accept these things, but firms tend to be open to negotiation. In cases involving large bail totals, the company may request an appraisal of the collateral.


Typically, a company will operate a 24-hour bail bonds service. In other words, a bail bonds agent is available around the clock to visit a courthouse or jail to post bail for the defendant's release. Likewise, most firms offering 24/7 bail bonds are located close to these locations in their respective counties. Some are across the street or just a few blocks away, so it's usually easy for them to send a bail bonds agent over to pay.

Especially if you're trying to secure someone's release in a different county or state, 24-hour bail bonds can be a blessing. You might not have the time or resources to go to jail halfway across the country, but you can call a bail bonds company in the area to get the ball rolling quickly.

Return to Court

The point of bail bonds is to ensure that defendants will return to court. If you have any questions about making court dates, a bail bondsman will be happy to explain the process. They also frequently know lawyers licensed to represent those in the area and can provide you with a list.

As long as a defendant appears for all court dates, the party posting bail will get their money back. This happens regardless of whether they win or lose in court. The point is only that they make their appearance.

In this case, the bail bonds company is the party posting the surety, so they get the money back. You then still have to pay the loan.

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